What is a game trainer
A "trainer" is a computer program which writes memory values in various computer games. It actually "cheat" the game in various forms such as increasing health or ammo to your player. In small words a "trainer" dynamically creates "cheats" for a game even if they not exist in it.

How to use a game trainer
Download the specific trainer for your game and extract all files from ZIP archive to a temp directory. Run the game, create a new game or load a previous. Once you are in gameplay, press ALT+TAB keys at the same time in your keyboard until the game minimizes to windows tray. Now run the trainer executable (eg. trainer.exe or trn.exe) from the temp directory and memorize the referred keyboard hot-keys to activate cheats (eg. F1 = More Ammo). Now click the game icon on the taskbar to return to the game. Now by pressing one of the referred keyboard hot-keys will activate the selected cheat for the game.

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