Our purpose
Dear Friend,

We would like to inform you about Extalia team and its purpose of its existance. Extalia has been created to power up gaming experience, and not to low it down. Since many games in the computer game industry are hard in gameplay, we decided to make a gamehacking team and reverse it.

As you know, a very big number of gamers around the world, have been complaining to game companies about games being very hard to finish due to their luck of easybility and such. Our purpose is to reverse that, and let the gamer enjoy his game at max!

"GameHacking" is not "GameCracking" or "Hacking" at all. "Hacking" is refered as "Unlock","Cheat" and "Bypass". We "GameHack" games.
We do not modify a thing in a game. We simply modify the computer memory that uses, which is not a part of the game, but of the specific operating system.

You can modify anything in a operating system as long as you dont exceed or bypass the user policy and agreement that came along with it, which is for example the kernel/core of the operating system. And we dont do that... never will.

MultiPlayer Games
We absolutely do NOT gamehack multiplayer games or modes, and never will. We are actually against multiplayer cheating that causes misleading gaming order and unfair match. We know that its also illegal and unacceptable from game firms, which makes it a crime.

We encourage you to avoid multiplayer cheating!






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